Update on the Corona Pandemic

Statement of Faubel's management

Dear customers, suppliers, business partners and employees,

For several weeks now, we have made every effort to minimize employees' risk of infection at work by complying with public health requirements and other measures while maintaining our daily production of labels and special markings.

This way, we want to contribute to stabilizing the economy and, above all, to containing the spread of the coronavirus. We mainly supply the research-based pharmaceutical industry and are currently completing orders for clinical trials aimed at fighting the coronavirus.

Thanks to the commitment and flexibility of our employees, we have been able to maintain full supplier capability. And we would also like to thank you, our customers, suppliers and partners, for your understanding and kind cooperation in these times of global challenge!

We will continue to keep you informed on the situation.

Stay healthy!

Yours, Frank Jäger, Martin Kuge and Frank Ludwig

(Faubel's management)