Vocational Training in 2020

Faubel takes on new apprentices

Since August 3, 2020 we have had the pleasure of welcoming seven new apprentices into our business. They have started training as print media technologists, machine and plant operators, media designers or industrial sales management assistants. This year, Faubel was able to attract two girls to these technical jobs.

Kick-off workshop

In order for the young entrants to become familiar with the company, the Human Resources Department organized a kick-off workshop that lasted several days. During that time, they had the opportunity to make first contacts. They went the Bartenwetzer Bridge in Melsungen for a group photo shooting. There, in the open, it was easy for everyone to keep their distances

"Due to Corona, training has started a bit differently this year. Despite the special circumstances, we hope that they will quickly find their way around in working life," says Maria Franke, personnel officer at Faubel.

Ausbildungsstart 2020

Our new apprentices (from left to right): Steffen Schmidt, Max Turjanica, Jan-Luca Schmeer, Lara Büchling, Kathlen Schmidt, Leonie Knaust and Isabell Koller