The 2017 training year has begun!

On August 1, eight young people started vocational training at Faubel. The range of jobs they can train in is varied: from industrial management assistant, machine and plant operator down to media designer or print media technologist. Currently, a total of 20 young people are completing their apprenticeships at Faubel.

In order to facilitate their integration, the new apprentices were welcomed by Heiko Fehr, Faubel's personnel officer, before receiving two days of introductory training. There, they had the opportunity to get to know both the company and other apprentices from different levels better. In July, during the apprentices' outing, they already got on very well with each other. So nothing can stand in the way of a successful start in working life. "We are very pleased with our new apprentices and wish them a successful time at Faubel," says Heiko Fehr.

Ausbildungsstart 2017

Heiko Fehr (right) surrounded by all our apprentices.