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Now we have a senior-friendly opening area for our Faubel-Compact® Label

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HNA, December 2015

Faubel donate 5,000 euros to staff social projects

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PMPS, October 2015

Editorial of Frank Jäger in the new PMPS edition.

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As part of the global programme of Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conferences Faubel took part in this year's event in London July 1-2nd, for the first time.

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Pharmafocus, June 2015

Editorial of Frank Jäger in the new Pharmafocus edition

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Now we are able to place a booklet label on our childproof blister pack

| Pharma Services

The 7th DIA China annual meeting took place in Shanghai from May 25-27th, 2015.

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Congratulations to our winner in the "false labeling" competition