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Annual Revenue 2022 - 50 Million Mark Cracked

Sales development of the Faubel Group

The Faubel Group has increased its annual revenue for the sixth year in a row.


The Faubel Group's annual sales totaled 52.9 million euros in fiscal year 2022. The labeling specialist recorded higher sales for the sixth consecutive year. "We primarily owe this plus of almost four million over last year's sales to the flexibility of our workforce, machinery, and processes. As a result, we managed to generate more sales despite a highly challenging market situation," explains Frank Jäger, who is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Smart Labels in the Faubel Group's management team.

Focusing on Clinical Trials

The Group now employs 300 people in Melsungen and other smaller locations across Europe, Asia, and the USA. In 2012, Faubel’s workforce totaled around 120. Currently, there are more than 15 positions to be filled with skilled workers. Areas of responsibility are varied. Warehouse workers are just as much in demand as new staff on the presses or in Sales Administration. "We often need to customize our labels and other markings to meet customer's requirements," says Jäger. That is why it is essential to sustainably promote our own junior staff too and train skilled workers our¬selves, he adds. Apprenticeship schemes starting in August 2023 in the company will offer training in six trades and occup¬ations including industrial business management assistant and machine and plant operator.

Profit Sharing

Faubel Group staff can look forward to an upcoming bonus. For Frank Jäger, this unique financial benefit shows that shareholders want to express their gratitude to the workforce: "According to various criteria, long-serving staff members can receive up to 4,000 euros. This benefit comes in addition to their annual vacation and Christmas bonus."

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