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Frank Jäger Becomes Commercial Director of CCL Clinical

Frank Jäger Becomes Commercial Director of CCL Clinical

Frank Jäger has started to serve served as the Commercial Director of CCL Clinical since the end of March 2024.

The Managing Director of CCL Faubel will oversee CCL's global business with the research-based pharmaceutical sector.

At the end of March 2024, Frank Jäger was appointed Commercial Director of the newly created CCL Clinical business unit. "The fact that the world's largest label manufacturer, CCL Label, is setting up a business unit dedicated to the research-based pharmaceutical industry is a definite token of appreciation," comments Frank Jäger on his new appointment. All CCL Industries Inc. locations offering products and services for clinical trials worldwide will operate under the CCL Clinical banner.

By acquiring the Faubel Group, CCL Industries Inc. set the course for the CCL Clinical business unit. The Faubel Group, which specializes in the labeling of pharmaceutical products, particularly IMPs, has been renamed to CCL Faubel since the beginning of this year. Frank Jäger, who graduated in economics, was appointed to the management board of Faubel in 2014 and has been in charge of Business Development, Marketing, Label Design, Product Development and Smart Labels ever since. As a long-standing member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), he has given numerous talks on the specific challenges of of labeling and packaging of clinical trials at various trade shows and conferences.

Center of Excellence

"Frank Jäger understands the needs of this industry. He will oversee the global activities of the CCL Clinical business unit. At the same time, CCL Faubel, as a Center of Excellence, will set the guidelines for innovative strength and quality," explains Lee Pretsell, Group Vice President of Healthcare and Specialty Worldwide at CCL Label. Marketing for CCL Clinical will coordinated at CCL Faubel's headquarters in Melsungen. Frank Jäger is confident that this concentration of know-how will benefit all CCL Clinical customers: "The entire CCL Faubel team and I have acquired extensive expertise in clinical trial labeling over the past 20 years. We use it to create constantly new label concepts for IMPs and develop related services to ease the life of our customers." For example, customers will be able to use a phrase library service starting this summer. This service is designed to make translation processes simpler, faster, and safer. Identifying potential error sources and time savings are a recurring topic in Frank Jäger's many discussions with customers in his dual role. "Personal interaction is key. Having various locations worldwide helps us provide local advice and secures a global reach at the same time. This, combined with a broad portfolio, makes CCL Clinical unique," adds Jäger.

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