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Seminar on Clinical Trials

CCL Faubel at the PTS seminar on clinical trials at Clinigen's German site

The seminar was organized as a hybrid event, taking place simultaneously online and in-person.

Why are multilingual labels the optimal labeling for investigational medicinal products? Andreas Bartling, Business Development Manager at CCL Faubel, was invited to clarify this question.

"Clinical Trials with Investigational Medicinal Products: Consider GDP and GMP in Manufacturing and Logistics" was the title of the two-day seminar in Schwalbach am Taunus, where Andreas Bartling, Business Development Manager at CCL Faubel, was invited as a speaker. The seminar was organized by PTS Training Service, a training partner specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and active ingredients. The venue was provided by Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management, which operates its German facility in Schwalbach.

Focus: Multilingual Labels

Andreas Bartling's presentation focused on the labeling of clinical trial investigational medicinal products, with an emphasis on multilingual labels, illustrated with practical examples. In addition to single-layer wrap around labels for up to three languages, Andreas Bartling also presented booklet labels, which can contain up to 113 pages. "This allows for the integration of many languages in advance, making their distribution very flexible," explained Bartling. However, depicting multilingual content is just one function that a label can fulfill. Labels can also blind clinical trial investigational products or enable dynamic labeling as smart labels. At the end of his presentation, Andreas Bartling showcased the Faubel-Med® Label with E-Paper display and RFID technology: "With this, the expiration date can be automatically updated, replacing a costly and time-consuming relabeling process." This statement by Andreas Bartling provided a good segue into the final question-and-answer session, where participants were particularly interested in learning more about the application of the Med Label.

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