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Successful Showcase at CTS East Asia

Faubel and CCL Korea Healthcare at the Clinical Trial Supply East Asia Conference 2023 in Seoul, South Korea

Our on-site team, Yumeng Xu and Junha Ryu from CCL Korea presenting our labels for pharmaceutical research.

On December 5th and 6th, we participated alongside CCL Korea in Clinical Trial Supply East Asia in Seoul.

The conference, which united professionals from the research-oriented pharmaceutical industry, provided an excellent platform to discuss current projects and upcoming challenges in clinical trials. Our on-site team consisted of Yumeng Xu, Director of Business Development and Sales Asia and our colleagues from CCL Korea.

Synergies and Outlooks

Faubel and CCL Korea are offering single-layer labels commonly utilized for early study phases such as phase I or II, along with booklet labels designed for phase III. Yumeng Xu stated after the conference, "we can support the entire journey of an innovative drug. This provides significant benefits for all companies, particularly small biotech companies."

The collaboration with CCL Korea offered the chance to identify synergies and discuss future projects. After a successful showcase, Yumeng Xu expresses confidence that, “after three years of Covid, it is first time to exhibit at the CTS Est Asia. Very pleasure to meet all old friends and partners. We had insightful discussions and constructive dialogues during the event, which helped emphasize the importance of effective labeling in clinical trials. This experience strengthens our commitment to continue developing new products, and we will integrate the insights gained into our work.”

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