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Faubel meets documenta fifteen

[Translate to Englisch:] Erstmals ist die Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH offizielle Unterstützerin der documenta

[Translate to Englisch:] Die Holzpaletten, auf denen Faubel unterschiedliche Materialien lagert, werden von den Mitarbeitern der documenta fifteen sinnvoll wiederverwendet.

One hundred wooden pallets from Melsungen will find their way to the world's largest contemporary art exhibition

For the first time, Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH is an official supporter of documenta. In addition to a financial contribution, the company is helping in other ways. For example, more than 100 wooden pallets and several boxes of cardboard rolls are being made available to prepare for documenta fifteen.

Resource sharing is in line with ruangrupa's artistic and economic principles. The Jakarta-based artists' collective is curating the next edition of the world's largest contemporary art exhibition to be held in Kassel, Germany from June 18 to September 25, 2022

Wajukuu Art Project for children

Participants will include the Wajukuu Art Project from Nairobi, Kenya, which will benefit from Faubel's financial support. Since 2004, the community-based organization has been mainly involved with children and youth in the Mukuru slum. Attending art classes and having a safe space to study enriches the residents' daily lives. In addition, producing and selling quality artworks creates employment. On the occasion of documenta fifteen, the Wajukuu Art Project is organizing several workshops in the Mukuru slum, the results of which will be presented to visitors in Kassel.


Click here to view the official documenta fifteen site.

To know more about the Wajukuu Art Project, please click here.

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