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Donation to the Kuge Foundation

The Faubel Group donated 10,000 euros to the Kuge Foundation.

Martin Kuge (left), Reinhard Kuge (2nd from left), and Robert Kuge (right) inquired of the deputies in various clubs and institutions about the donation purposes, such as the tumor bank of the Holzhauer Foundation, a new scout tent, and an electric baby carriage.

The Faubel Group donated 10,000 euros to the Kuge Foundation.

The Faubel Group regularly supports regional associations and institutions with monetary donations. At the end of 2022, the group decided to donate 10,000 euros to the Kuge Foundation.

Youth, Sports and Social Projects

Every year, the Kuge Foundation selects North Hessian associations and institutions that contribute to the common good and presents them with earmarked donations. In 2023, the Holzhauer Foundation for Children with Cancer, the KiFaS e.V. Social Service Center in Felsberg, the Melsungen Boy Scouts, the KidS-Kinderhaus e.V. daycare facility, and the youth program of the Protestant church in Melsungen can expect to receive some funding, too. In addition, the Kuge Foundation will consider Melsungen’s Football Club 08 and Turngemeinde 1861 e.V. in the total amount to be distributed, which amounts to EUR 33,700.

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