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Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 Fulfilled

Faubel Production Manager Volker Schanze Certification Energy Management System DIN EN ISO 50001

It took the project team around Volker Schanze only six months to introduce an ISO 50001 energy management system within the company.

Now certified to ISO 50001, the Faubel Group is setting new standards in energy management.

"Separating materials such as paper, foil, and metal correctly and switching off PC monitors at the end of the day are just some of the little things that can positively influence a company's environmental and energy balance," explains Volker Schanze, Labels Production Manager at Faubel. He is part of a six-person team that deals with energy management at the Faubel Group. Volker Schanze also helped introduce the ISO 50001 international energy management standard and accompanied the company's certification process.

ISO 50001 has become the standard for all companies that wish to operate sustainably and actively manage the energy transition. ISO 50001 certification is an international guideline supporting corporate process identification and analysis.

Holistic energy balance

Schanze quickly identified one of these processes: "Our machines on the shop floor consume much electricity. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to reduce consumption. However, we use the heat generated by printing processes to heat our buildings." Other measures contributing to Faubel's successful ISO certification included switching to LED lighting, optimizing ventilation systems, and minimizing downtime.

According to Volker Schanze, it is critical to "think holistically about the company's energy balance. At all levels and departments, energy consumption should be reduced long-term and CO₂ emissions kept to a minimum."

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