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Conference on Innovation in Clinical Trials

Faubel's CEO Frank Jäger took part in the European Clinical Trial Supply Forum in Düsseldorf

As a member of the Faubel Group's Management Team, Frank Jäger is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Smart Labels.

The European Clinical Trials Supply Forum took place in Düsseldorf on April 18 and 19, 2023. In his presentation, our CEO Frank Jäger outlined how Smart Labels can speed up supply chains.

Over two days, more than 100 international experts from the field of clinical trials exchanged ideas on innovation in clinical trials. Technologies optimizing the availability of medications during clinical trials at test sites (Interactive Response Technology, IRT for short) were as much a topic of the various presentations as the handling of temperature-sensitive investigational medicinal products and patient communication.

A Joint Presentation with MSD

Alexander Debets, who, as the Clinical Supply Innovation Lead, is responsible for the latest developments at MSD, and Faubel CEO Frank Jäger jointly reported on the benefits of Smart Labels in contrast to conventional labeling. They both pointed out how time-saving digital, dynamic labeling is. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to produce new or additional labels with updated stability data whenever the stability data of investigational products changes.

Faubel-Med Labels and Digital Labels

Faubel-Med Labels and Digital Labels are specifically designed to meet the needs of the research-based pharmaceutical industry. For more information on our Smart Labels, click here.

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