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Faubel-Logistics Label nominated as Product of the Year 2022

[Translate to Englisch:] Faubel-Logistics Label mit SAP ERP-Anbindung

[Translate to Englisch:] SAP ERP-Backend-Daten werden durch eine mobile browserbasierte Lösung via native App und mobilem Endgerät auf einem E-Paper-Display sichtbar.

Once again, the trade magazine for intralogistics "materialfluss" will be nominating the product of the year. The Faubel-Logistics Label is among the selected products in the category Software and Ident Technology: Logistics Software.

Now the tension is rising. It is up to readers to decide: every vote is welcome!

6. Logistics software
32) Faubel-Logistics Label

The award ceremony is due to take place in spring 2022.

Smart Label with SAP ERP interface

The Faubel-Logistics Label has been further developed and now carries an SAP ERP interface. This new feature enables the visualization of SAP ERP backend data on an e-paper display through a mobile browser-based solution via a native app and a mobile device. This functionality represents a decisive step towards the overall digitization of logistical processes.

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