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Custom-Fit Drug Kits

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[Translate to Englisch:] Marco Dieling, Abteilungsleiter der Produktentwicklung von Faubel, gestaltet mit Hilfe der Software Faltschachteln und Inlays nach FEFCO- und ECMA-Codes oder entwirft freie Konstruktionen.

Next to labels and blinding, Faubel produces package inserts and folding boxes.

Folding boxes complement Faubel's product and service portfolio. As with labels, blinding boxes, and package inserts, Faubel offers standardized and customized solutions. That is why folding cartons can be tailored precisely to customers' requirements. "Our design job focuses on folding boxes with customized inserts, so-called inlays," says Marco Dieling, head of product development at Faubel.

Fast design times

In clinical trials, preparations are often grouped together in kits. Folding boxes with inlays are used for keeping different IMPs firmly in place. Inlays can compensate for height differences between several containers in a kit. "In these projects, we usually create prototypes that will eventually undergo a testing and approval process at the customer's site. Thanks to our modern software and machinery, we can design these prototypes and produce them very quickly," the product developer explains.

Faubel supplies ready-assembled folding boxes with inlays or complete sets of individual parts for subsequent assembling. To achieve this, customers also receive comprehensive support from Faubel: as Marco Dieling notes, "We can provide 3D animated folding instructions. It makes assembling quite simple.“

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