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Folding Boxes and Inlays

Faubel product developer takes precise measurements for folding boxes

Exact dimensions are the basis of every packaging concept. This also applies, of course, to folding cartons and their inlays, which give the investigational stability to the test products.

In order to offer our customers a full service, we are expanding our product portfolio to include folding cartons and their inlays. Marco Dieling, Team Leader Technical Project Management and Product Development, talks about why this not only saves costs but also time.

“For the research-based pharmaceutical industry, the key factor is time,” explains Marco Dieling. It is precisely why we has extended our product portfolio to include folding cartons and inlays.

Using the software, we create standardized solutions according to FEFCO and ECMA codes or get individual packaging concepts designed by our product developers. Designing and producing complete packaging solutions can be done in parallel at our company. It can save up to several weeks. Ideally, all heights, circumferences, and materials used for labels, folding boxes, and inlays match, which is why only a little adhesive is needed for packaging concepts. “This saves resources and encourages recycling.”

Marco Dieling sees another positive aspect: being a one-stop store means far less work for customers than having to deal with two or three different suppliers. Contracts, audits, agreements: all this is kept to the minimum required.


Are you interested in folding boxes? Here you get more information.

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