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Frank Ludwig Retires from the Management Board

Frank Ludwig Retires from the Management Board of CCL Faubel

In his new role as a Senior Consultant, Frank Ludwig, among other topics, deals with machine processes in booklet label production.

After over 40 years of service at Faubel, Frank Ludwig decided to step back and no longer act as CCL Faubel's Managing Director.

Since February 2024, the management of CCL Faubel has been a dual leadership consisting of Frank Jäger and Martin Kuge. Given his approaching retirement, Frank Ludwig, who was appointed Managing Director of Technology in 2012, decided to step down. "This decision was not an easy one for me to make due to the attachment I have to Faubel, but the time has come for me to take a step back at this point in my career," says Frank Ludwig. Martin Kuge is now in charge of technology within the management team. He has been Managing Director of Human Resources and Finance since 2012.

Part of the team

Over the next two years, Frank Ludwig will continue to share his expertise with CCL Faubel's technical departments. As a member of the Technical Consulting team, he will remain available as a part-time contact person. The former Managing Director is confident that both sides will benefit from this transitional period: "I'm looking forward to passing on my experience, especially to new employees. CCL Faubel is currently seeking to fill 15 additional positions. We are particularly looking for skilled workers for production and production-related departments, such as Work Preparation."

A heart for labeling

Frank Ludwig's heart has always beaten for the printing industry and labeling; his career at Faubel proves it best. During his 40 years in the company's service, he rose from printing form manufacturer to industrial master printer, plant assistant, plant manager, and finally, Managing Director of Technology. The development of the Faubel Compact Label in the mid-1990s was a milestone in his career. Frank Ludwig played a crucial role in creating this label, which, with its 24 pages at the time, precisely met the needs of the research-based pharmaceutical industry for multilingual product labeling. Since then, this booklet label has been the bestseller in CCL Faubel's product portfolio.

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