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 Faubels Managing Director Martin Kuge (right) and HR Officer Heiko Fehr

Close cooperation: Managing Director Martin Kuge (right) and HR Officer Heiko Fehr

The Faubel Group is a constantly growing company. Not only are new products and services being launched on the market, but the workforce is also growing. Heiko Fehr, Head of Human Resources, explains how the company is dealing with the shortage of skilled workers and the tough competition on the labor market.

Back in 2012, Faubel employed around 120 people. In 2017, our workforce grew to 230. At the end of 2022, more than 280 people will be working for the Faubel Group at its Melsungen headquarters and other locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Currently 284 people are employed. “Our HR development policy mirrors the continuously growing number of orders we receive and, above all, the broader range of products and services we offer,” explains Martin Kuge. As one of Faubel’s managing directors, he is also in charge of Human Resources and Finance.

Over the past nine years, annual sales have also increased with the volume of orders, i.e., from 20 million euros in 2012 to 52,9 million euros in 2022. Martin Kuge is undoubtedly pleased with those results but also well aware that “they can only be reached if we can react flexibly to order peaks. That requires careful HR planning and, first and foremost, the willingness to work extra hours: that’s where we can rely on our workforce.” The new staff is expected to provide long-term relief for each department, but they must be thoroughly trained on the job, which can last several months. Depending on the area of responsibility, this phase can take up to a year; even then, only some staff members can handle every order. “Our products can some-times be as specific as customer requirements are, which is why having a mix of new staff and experienced co-workers across our departments is essential for our success,” emphasizes the Managing Director.

Given the shortage of skilled workers, particularly in technical occupations, HR managers at Faubel have been focusing on vocational training for many years. HR Officer Heiko Fehr sees excellent potential in young applicants for safeguarding the company’s future. However, he is also aware of the fierce competition in the labor market: “Nowadays, anyone can inquire about a company on social media before applying. That’s why we must communicate our corporate philosophy clearly and tell applicants what they can expect from us. Benefits such as a 37-hour week, vacation pay, and flexi time are sometimes critical for applicants in signing contracts with us.”

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