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Faubel honores employees for great ideas in the year 2023

Employees at Faubel are happy about the recognition of their ideas.

The company distributed a total bonus of €8,130, honoring ten innovative ideas.

During this year's Christmas celebration, employees were awarded for their innovative ideas, moderated by Managing Director Frank Ludwig. A sum of €8,130 was allocated as bonuses overall. Ludwig emphasized the pivotal role of these ideas: “The creativity and dedication of our staff are indispensable for the advancement of our company.”

Talented Team

The awarded ideas, submitted by employees from various departments, significantly enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes. “This showcases the diverse talents within our team,” stated the Managing Director. The acknowledgment during the Christmas event highlights the appreciation for these contributions. Closing the ceremony, Frank Ludwig provided an outlook for the future: “Faubel will continue to foster creativity and commitment to solidify its position as an innovation leader in the industry.”

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