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LogiMAT 2023 - Battery-less and Cloud-based Smart Labels

 Sven Rath, Business Development Manager at Faubel, is updating the Faubel-Logistics Label

Sven Rath, Business Development Manager at Faubel, uses the electromagnetic energy from the handheld to transfer the new data to the Smart Label's display.

At LogiMAT, the latest generation of Faubel Smart Labels will be battery-less and cloud-based.

At this year's LogiMAT, the Faubel Group will, for the first time, showcase battery-free smart labels that work with a cloud application. Sven Rath, Business Development Manager at Faubel, supports numerous customers who enjoy the benefits of dynamic labeling featuring RFID and e-paper technology: "The latest generation of smart labels we produce makes intralogistics processes reliable, seamless and secure. No battery means no need for regular maintenance. Thanks to a cloud application, the software is always available."

All e-paper displays that the Faubel Group will exhibit at its booth 2B25 in Hall 2 are bi-stable. Therefore, the permanent display of texts, numbers, and codes is based on electrophoresis and does not require an independent energy source.

Cloud Application

The Faubel Group develops the software for its smart labels in-house. "Thanks to a cloud app, our customers can use the software at all times. In addition, their data is backed up automatically and regularly," explains Sven Rath. Faubel's software developers can also accommodate a direct SAP ERP interface. Users can visualize SAP ERP backend data on the e-paper display in real-time via the cloud app and a mobile device.

Smart labels' enclosures also reflect the importance of flexibility in intralogistics. In addition to standardized variants, Sven Rath and his Faubel coworkers can offer their customers 3D-printed enclosures. "These customized enclosures can be screwed, glued, or attached with magnets or Velcro to the items to be labeled just as quickly as our standardized variants. As customized as necessary, yet as simple as possible – that's the standard we apply to every project."

More information about LogiMAT can be found here.

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