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Managing Director Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Faubel's Managing Directors: Frank Jäger, Frank Ludwig and Martin Kuge

Since 2014, the Faubel Group has been run by Frank Jäger (from left to right), Frank Ludwig, and Martin Kuge.

Frank Ludwig joined Faubel directly after completing his apprenticeship and is now responsible for the technical areas within the company's management team.

During his 40 years with Faubel, Frank Ludwig rose from printing plate maker to industrial foreman in printing, plant manager assistant, plant manager, and finally to Managing Director for Technology. He first entered the half-timbered building in Schwarzen¬berger Weg in Melsungen in June 1983. "Back then, Faubel was still a small print shop with around 20 employees. Today, we are a group of companies employing 300 people at various locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA and supplying customers worldwide. This success story sometimes makes me marvel, and I'm proud to have helped write it," explains Managing Director Frank Ludwig.

Developing a Bestseller

Creating the Faubel-Compact® Label in the mid-1990s was a milestone for the Melsungen-based company. Frank Ludwig played a crucial role in developing this label, which, with its 24 pages at the time, precisely met the needs of the research-based pharmaceutical industry for multilingual product labeling. Since then, the label has been the bestseller in the company's portfolio, which is now strongly geared to the pharmaceutical industry.

After 40 years with the company, Frank Ludwig is approaching retirement. He looks forward to this event but is also wistful about it: "Many colleagues have been with me for decades. We mastered economic setbacks, celebrated successes, and ventured out of our comfort zone with new ideas such as digital labels. So I'll drop by Faubel now and then when I retire ̶ but I am not that far yet. "

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