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We train with the professional handball players of MT Melsungen

Employees and trainees from CCL Faubel with the handball players of MT Melsungen

Successful events: The employees were able to showcase their skills on the ball, and the apprentices celebrated the home victory with the MT Melsungen mascot Henner.

At the invitation of MT Melsungen, our employees were able to showcase their handball talent.

"Steps, circle, seven meters" - some enthusiastic handball colleagues were able to train together with the professionals of MT Melsungen. The players of the 1st Bundesliga team as well as several young players wholeheartedly supported our employees in mastering the right throwing and dribbling techniques. As a result, some goals were clearly credited to CCL Faubel's account, with fun clearly being the focus of this training session at the Kassel Rothenbach Hall.

Apprentice outing to the home game

During the home game of MT Melsungen against Bergischer HC, our apprentices gathered and experienced an atmospheric victory of the handball players. They utilized the season tickets provided by CCL Faubel, which the company has been offering to employees for three years. CCL Faubel sponsors the handball club and is present on the LED video boards and jerseys of the third-division team MT Melsungen II as well as the A-youth team.

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