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New Structures for Project Management and Production Planning

The Project Management and Production Planning departments work closely together

Using the Ishikawa diagram, Dominik Hartung (from left to right), Fritz Kerkmann, and Markus Berge illustrate the factors affecting the lead time of an order.

A leadership trio promotes collaboration between the two departments.

"The collaboration between the Project Management and Production Planning departments has always been very active due to internal processes," says Markus Berge, who has been responsible for the Project Management and Production Planning departments as the Director of the Division since June 2023. He is in charge of disciplinary leadership, while Dominik Hartung serves as the Team Leader of Project Management, addressing technical questions, and Team Leader Fritz Kerkmann oversees Production Planning. According to Markus Berge, the new structure creates interfaces that "accelerate the exchange of information and sharpen competencies." Tasks such as onboarding new employees, training, or implementing preventive measures according to quality management requirements are divided among the three.

From Apprentice to Executive

Markus Berge's professional journey is closely tied to Faubel. In 2002, he started his apprenticeship as a printer in the Reel Production department, progressed as an Industrial Manager, and later transitioned to Production Planning, which he led starting in 2013. Fritz Kerkmann completed his training as a Printing Technologist in the Sheet Production department at Faubel from 2012 to 2015. He also pursued further education as an Industrial Manager and has been working in the Production Planning department since 2018. Dominik Hartung, a Business Retail Specialist, held multiple leadership roles in various companies until August 2021, when he decided to take a position in Project Management at Faubel. As Team Leaders, he and Fritz Kerkmann see themselves as direct points of contact for their departments. "We can now provide technical support at any time without affecting the department's day-to-day operations. This leads to planning certainty and a balanced workload," explains Dominik Hartung.

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