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Software and Hardware for Smart Labels

[Translate to Englisch:] Faubel entwickelt Smart Labels mit E-Paper- und RFID-Technologie

Software and hardware are key elements in smart label projects

The choice of RFID tags, e-paper displays, and readers is growing continuously, much like the demand for digital and dynamic labeling on objects, especially within logistical processes. Not surprisingly, a specialist in complex labeling such as Faubel now runs a wide range of projects featuring RFID tags and e-paper displays

Trouble-free integration

"The difficulty in these projects lies in efficiently combining hardware and integrating it into the customer's existing infrastructure without causing failures," explains Frank Jäger, Faubel's managing director in charge of the New Technologies department, amongst other things. Initially, Faubel collects many details about local conditions and the subsequent application at the customer's site before selecting the appropriate hardware and programming the right software for recording and transferring the process data required. We then test the concept for feasibility in collaboration with the customer. According to Frank Jäger, this is where Faubel benefits from the company's long-standing focus on labels for the research-based pharmaceutical industry. "From project management via development down to assembly, we can meet all requirements in-house. It leads not only to high quality but also to transparent communication and fast response times."

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