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MT Develops its Partnership with Faubel

Sports sponsorship with Faubel: MT Melsungen board member Axel Geerken and Faubel managing director Martin Kuge are pleased about the extension of the cooperation

MT Executive Director Axel Geerken and Faubel Managing Director Martin Kuge are congratulating each other on the growth of their partnership.

Good news for MT Melsungen and especially for MT Talents: Melsungen-based Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH is increasing its commitment for the coming season while focusing on the Bundesliga team's junior level.

The MT partner will thus become a co-sponsor. LED boards at the Bundesliga team's home games will display Faubel's name. The company's logo will also appear on the jerseys of the second and A-youth teams. Trainees' and apprentices' campaigns are also part of the partnership scheme.

MT Executive Director Axel Geerken is glad that cooperation with Faubel will be extended and even intensified: "Faubel is a tradition-conscious company firmly rooted in the region. So it's all the nicer to hear that our collaboration is set to grow. I'm particularly pleased that Faubel is focusing on our MT Talents," Geerken explained. Especially after reaching the 3rd league, the second team deserved additional support and attention.

Faubel can look back on more than 165 years of activity in North Hesse. The company, which manufactures labels for pharmaceutical products, is committed to strengthening the region and making it more attractive. "We owe a lot to this region and the city of Melsungen. That's why we would like to give something back", Managing Director Martin Kuge explained. In that context, he added, "sports isthis a key mainstay. That’s why supporting MT Melsungen is, for us, the logical thing to do".

Besides, youth has always been close to Faubel's heart. The company aches great significance to training, Kuge added. Supporting MT Talents "not only provides us with a great platform but also allows us to reach younger target groups directly. In the best-case scenario, this will help us win future employees, trainees, and apprentices," Kuge explained. Lastly, this partnership should benefit everyone involved and the region.

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