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Start of Apprenticeship 2023

Faubel welcomes seven apprentices for the new training year 2023

Traditionally, the training year at Faubel begins on August 1.

Seven apprentices start training at Faubel this year.

This year again, we welcome new apprentices who will qualify for different occupations at our Melsungen site over the next two or three years. Faubel trains industrial business management assistants, media technologists in printing, machine and plant operators, media designers, and, for the first time, a trainee as as warehouse logistics specialist.

In addition, we are happy to welcome a one-year intern who will go through various technical departments, including prepress, label design, sheet-fed and web production, alongside label post-press.

All information about apprenticeships at Faubel, i.e. which occupations we provide training in and what matters to us in training, is summarized here.

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