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Petra Schäffner, Business Development Manager for Southern Germany

Petra Schäffner, Business Development Manager for Southern Germany, is preparing a webinar on deep-freeze labels.

Due to the Corona pandemic, all events and trade fairs were cancelled. Kathrin Schmidt, an employee in the Marketing department, describes how the Faubel Group coped with this circumstance using webinars.

For Kathrin Schmidt, a notebook, smartphone, and gimbal are part of the essential equipment of every webinar. She has been working for our marketing department since 2008 and arranges, among other things, the company’s participation in trade fairs and conferences.

“The first canceled events were scheduled for March 2020,” Kathrin Schmidt recalls. Initially postponed, all events were gradually called off due to the pandemic. Some conferences chose to switch to digital attendance. “These concepts often seemed very abstract. Finding the right contact person in a virtual setting is not easy. That’s why we started holding webinars to stay in the loop.”

Together with the relevant departments, she plans all the Faubel Group’s webinars. During the webinars themselves, teams are on the move. Sequences in which a speaker sits in front of their notebook and uses photos, graphics, and videos to convey content alternate with live sequences from the shop floor or the specialist departments involved.

Kathrin Schmidt is convinced that such insights give attendees a deeper understanding of specific products or processes. “Attendees can address their questions more concretely and clarify them directly with a specialist department employee. That’s a personal contact that might not materialize at a trade show or conference, so that’s added value.”

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