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Faubel’s strength lies in providing solutions.

For vials, bottles, boxes, tubes and blister packs that completely conceal and protect against manipulation

With regard to the blinding of clinical trials, we have developed innovative labeling that can be used for single- or double-blind trials, to which variable data, safety features such as a tamper-evident function, and documentation elements can be added. Faubel has thus proved itself to be a competent partner for the pharmaceutical industry’s research-based companies.

The advantages

  • Blinding of vials, bottles, boxes, tubes and blister packs
  • Blinding of the breadth and height of the container
  • Blinding of the color of the contents
  • Available as single-layer, multi-layer and booklet labels as well as folding boxes
  • Individual customization
  • Tamper-proof protection
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