Overprinting & Routing

Variable data and codes

Services for clinical trial samples


Faubel is your choice partner for clinical trials. We provide efficient service from designing and manufacturing labels down to printing and checking variable data (overprinting).

Subsequent printing on pre-produced bulk goods / Takeover of data preparation / Camera control / Brilliant and stable printed image

Since we entered the market for clinical trial supply services in 2001, we have grown from label suppliers for clinical trial drugs to multi-service providers in the clinical trial supply chain. At Faubel, the continuous optimization of processes and the targeted reduction of timelines have taken center stage.


Our overprinting service is characterized by:

  • short delivery times
  • high flexibility and resource reliability secured by a wide range of machinery
  • two stand-alone 100 % camera monitoring units for satisfactory print quality
  • randomized data printing
  • DataMatrix and QR-codes addition and serialization
  • brilliant print quality thanks to UV-inkjet technology
  • overprinting on booklets of up to 113 pages
  • ready-for-use label rolls for immediate processing


2 x 100% camera inspection

Validated systems and camera checks / Validated software for data preparation / Light stability, wear-off, wash-off, and scratch proof

Faubel offers an efficient service package for overprinting of variable data and codes. Faubel takes over data preparation. The UV inkjet print guarantees a correctly printed image, which is checked by two self-sufficient 100% camera checks. Defective labels are replaced within the printing process, so that the finished rolls can be processed further directly. The available capacity allows manufacturing of even high quantities for phase III studies, quickly and flexibly.


Service Routing

Country release applications

For international studies, we compile the information for the participating countries and take on the resource-consuming task of soliciting country-specific approvals (routing) for our clients’ projects.

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