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As a proven supplier for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we pride ourselves on finding the best label for each product.

Comprehensive patient and consumer information with all markings and required texts is our first priority. When creating our products (Booklet label), we strive for an appropriate and easy-to-read point size and a clearly laid out structure. At the same time, our labeling solutions are highly functional.

For global distribution, we integrate all languages in one label (Booklet label) for all markets. The entire production process is monitored by a comprehensive monitoring system. In additional processing, we guarantee wrinkle-free application and an efficient packaging process.

We create solutions that our customers need.

CRSF label, booklet labels, multi-layer labels, single-layer labels, RFID labels

Experience, expertise, and innovative power

make us stand out.

How do our customers benefit from our expertise?

  • Multi-lingual labels achieve production and logistics advantages for the export market.
  • We can make multi-page labels (booklet label) even on the smallest containers with sufficient space (Wrap Around Label) to meet legislative minimum requirements (type size, pictographs).
  • Our in-house product development works on tailored strategies for all exceptional projects. 
  • In the selection of materials, Faubel keeps the storage situation, and the application (temperature, humidity) of the customer products in mind. 
  • Aspects of product safety, such as tamper-proof and originality protection, are taken into account.
  • A high variety of types and frequently changing printed images can be created in digital offset printing.
  • Our production is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, and the requirements of the GMP guideline have been implemented.
  • All processes, from the pre-printing stage to shipping, happen at one location. This also allows quick and last-minute solutions.

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