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Global distribution

Plenty of room for information

Booklet Etiketten Booklet Label

With up to 113 pages, our booklet labels are particularly suitable for a multilingual product description. The Booklet Label also provides sufficient space for reader-friendly detailed information. 

A Booklet label for all markets / All information permanently and directly on the product / Multilingual / Reader-friendly / Room for extensive content

The Faubel-Compact® Label is a booklet label and established itself as a multi-functional product established on the market. The Faubel Booklet Label is versatile in every respect. With over 100 pages in length, it is particularly suitable for multilingual product labeling. It offers enough space for extensive content. Reader-friendly is all the Information right on the product. This reduces costs and brings to consumer safety.

The advantages

  • Booklet Labels up to 113 pages
  • Can be adapted to various types of container
  • Complies with regulatory requirements
  • Supports patient and user safety
  • Can be printed with variable data
  • Fully-automatic application
  • Recommended by ISPE

Extras / combinable service options

  • Documentation peel-off section / vignettes
  • Codes (QR, data matrix, 2D codes)
  • Braille, embossed writing for the blind
  • Authenticity protection / tamper-evident features 


Flexible distribution

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry or other industries, across the Faubel booklet label comes with its advantages for use. It is the label and package leaflet in a. This will also create an economic benefit, as an additional outer packaging is no longer necessary, the components carton and separate leaflet can be eliminated. The multilingual booklet label reduces production costs and enables flexible distribution in all markets. Just-in-Time.

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Faubel Booklet Label

With index

Faubel offers a Booklet Label with colored index as a unique alternative to a conventional table of contents. The index makes it easier for users to directly access important information.

Minimum space

Maximum information

Vials, pens and syringes are often very small in diameter. The Wrap Around Label was developed for containers with a small radius. The label is wrapped several times around the cylindrical form, thus offering a large surface area for product information.

  • Ideal label for small, round containers
  • Wrap around labeling
  • Resealable after every use

High functionality

Hanger Label

Two challenges - one solution: the Hanger Label from Faubel. This label provides enough space for important product information and integrates a sturdy band for suspending infusions and parenteral solutions without any additional aid.

  • Booklet label with integrated band
  • Tested according to DIN ISO 15137

Innovative formats

Adapted design

The description is ideally placed directly on the product, even on unusually-shaped containers. Booklet labels for unusually-shaped packaging are individually created by our product development department and tested on the basis of criteria regarding adhesiveness, adaptability and handling. Thus, a multi-paged Faubel Booklet Label can be attached to inhalers and the smallest of tubes.

Suitable for many forms of packaging

  • Round (bottles, syringes, ampoules, vials)
  • Square (bottles, cans)
  • Special shapes (tubes, inhalers)
  • Unfolded surfaces (boxes, bottles, blister packs, sachets, canisters)
Booklet Etiketten, Booklet label

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