Folding boxes

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Custom production

Folding boxes

We always develop the optimum labeling solution — for vials, syringes, pens or ampoules, and, on request, the box that matches, too!

Original / Functional / Suitable for small runs / Tailor-made

Folding cartons are complements to our product and service portfolio. As with labels, we also provide custom solutions for folding cartons. When designing, our product development team takes the specific requirements of each application into consideration.

The advantages

  • Custom product development
  • Tailor-made inlays
  • Custom-made production for trial kits
  • IMP blinding
  • Optimization for RFID applications
  • Combinable with various product security features

Folding boxes

Perfection in design and function

Tailor-made inlays / Application-specific / Compatible with tag and reader antenna fields in RFID applications

The focus of design is on folding cartons featuring tailor-made inlays. The arrangement of primary packaging is highly relevant for RFID applications or Faubel-Med® Labels — especially for bulk scanning. The way products are positioned is essential for securing optimal transmission and reception between tag and reader.



Investigational medicinal products

Positioning / Securing / Height compensation / Tailor-made inlays

Folding cartons fitted with tailor-made inlays for clinical trials are another asset we offer. When packing IMP's, it is essential to optimally place and fix every single clinical trial kit element inside the box. Differences in height from one container to another often have to be compensated during the design process.

Blinding solutions

Investigational medicinal products

Active substances / Placebos / Comparator treatment / Avoiding bias / Unbiased results

Blinding study drugs is a complex operation where various criteria have to be considered. Is the medication sensitive to light? Does the color need to be masked? What challenges are posed by the shapes of containers? Are these fragile ampoules, small vials or flexible infusion bags?

Our product development team is used to meeting such challenges: it designs custom blinding solutions — also made of cardboard — based on tailor-made concepts.

Blinding Box

Product security

… And all that goes with it!

Serialization / Authenticity protection / Protection against prior opening / Labels / Codes

When it comes to producing folding cartons, we also keep the EU Falsified Medicines Directive in mind. To comply with legal requirements, we supply security labels that are tamper-evident, serialized or secured by Data Matrix codes as well as a broad range of materials containing overt and covert security features.


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