Hanger Label 

With integrated elastic band

For hanging infusion bottles

Hanger Label, Booklet

Two challenges - one solution: The Faubel Hanger Label. This label provides sufficient content space for key product information and includes a strong elastic band for hanging infusion and parenteral solutions without additional aids.

Easy and safe to use / Includes a tear-resistant elastic band / Customizable / ISO 15137 compliant

The Hanger Label is a combination of product label and suspension system for hanging infusion bottles. To enable fast and safe administration, infusion bottles can be suspended on any type of hook in just a few turns. We provide custom-tailored concepts to suit every requirement. We have developed suitable solutions for containers from 25 ml up to 1,000 ml, each of which has been tested and complies with ISO 15137 requirements. Even with its elastic band, the hanger label can be applied fully automatically.

The advantages

  • Elastic band integrated in the label
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Available as a single-layer label or as a booklet
  • Comply with ISO 15137
  • Custom-tailored product development  
Hanger Label Booklet for infusion solutions

As a Booklet

Extremely versatile

In its booklet version, our Hanger Label can accommodate detailed product information, which makes it particularly suitable for multilingual labeling. Thumb indexes can be added to its pages to give users a good overview and convenient access to information in the desired language. Besides, the booklet is easy to open and reclose.


Simple and safe

Our hanger label can be complemented with documentary stickers. These small individual stickers are easy to write on and peel off. This makes documentation safe and efficient — another asset that simplifies the work of nursing staff.

Hanger Label für Infusionen
Hanger Label, blinding, Infussion


Investigational medicinal products

Blinding IMPs in clinical trials is a very complex task. There are various criteria to consider. Are the drugs light-sensitive? Is it necessary to hide their color? What requirements can result from the shape of the containers? Are the drugs packaged in fragile ampoules, small vials or in flexible infusion bags? By providing custom-tailored concepts, our product development department is able to meet these challenges and to design custom blinding solutions — with hanger labels, too.


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