Multi-layer labels 

Plus Label

Efficient alternative


As an efficient alternative to conventional labels, the Faubel-Plus Label is flexible and adaptable. Up to nine pages from a single label page. This creates space for additional information.

Sufficient space on up to 9 pages / Clearly marked opening / Adaptable in design

The multi-page labels are clearly identified by instructions on how to open them and are guaranteed easy to open and reseal. The Plus Label offers a variety of design possibilities in terms of shape, color and function.

The advantages

  • Variable in size, shape and amount of information
  • Easy to open, resealable
  • The multi-layer label has user-friendly markings




One label, many benefits

The Wrap Around Label

Being long and slim, the multilayer Wrap Around Label is particularly suitable for small-sized containers such as syringes and vials. It can be wrapped around the primary packaging several times, is easy to open and reseal.

With its peel-off stickers it is an ideal solution for labeling vaccines. These writable stickers can be peeled off easily and re-applied elsewhere like on immunization cards, for example. Keeping records becomes simple, fast, safe and fully traceable.

Our Wrap Around Label is also available with tamper-evident features providing additional security.

Have a clear overview

Plus Label with index

The Plus Label offers space on up to 9 pages for different language versions, warnings or directions for use. The design of the label can be adapted to various types of container. An index system enables the user to directly access the relevant information, thus improving patient compliance.


Safety F1rst

CRSF Label

Child-resistant and senior-friendly label for blister packs / Certified in accordance with DIN EN 134375 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20 (F1) / Fully automatic application / Certification and sample service

The CRSF label ensures user safety on blister packs. CRSF: Child Resistant and Senior Friendly. The CRSF Label offers an effective way of making standard blister packs more childproof in a downstream processing procedure. The labels may be applied using existing blister machines for larger batches. For smaller batches in the area of clinical studies the labels can be applied manually. The complex labeling solution achieves the highest level of safety (F1). Our certification service means that we will gladly take on the task of cooperating with the relevant institutes for you.

The advantages

  • Guaranteed child-resistant and senior-friendly
  • Concept can be adapted to existing blister design
  • Fulfills F1 standard
  • The question of toxicity does not arise with the F1 solution
  • Requires no new stability studies
  • May be applied manually or fully automatically

The opening principle

CRSF label, child resistant, seniors friendly, label, Faubel, certified DIN EN and US 16 CFR, consumer safety

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