Security labels 

Product protection

Serialization, track & trace

Security labels

 Single-layer, multi-layer and booklet labels featuring custom solutions to protect your products against tampering and counterfeiting, see if packages have been opened and comply with legal serialization requirements.

Authenticity protection / Protection against prior opening / Pharmaceutical serialization / Falsified Medicines Directive / Security labels / Product protection

Labels featuring overt and covert security features provide reliable protection against tampering. Tamper-evident labels clearly show when packages have been opened. Serialization is an effective means of protecting consumers and brands. In conjunction with authenticity features, it supports quality assurance and traceability across the supply chain while protecting your products against counterfeiting.

Faubel offers efficient product and brand protection through custom labeling.

Our solutions

  • Serialized labels
  • Individual codes
  • RFID labels
  • Security seals
  • Holograms, scratch-off fields
  • Microprinting, guilloche patterns
  • Heat- and UV-sensitive colors
  • Special adhesives and materials


Putting patient safety first

EU Regulation 2016/161 / Serial numbers / 2D Data Matrix codes / Tamper-evident closures

On February 9, 2019, the Regulation EU 2016/161 comes into force. According to this regulation, a unique serial number integrated in a 2D Data Matrix code is to be placed on the packaging of medicinal products. In addition, drug packaging will require tamper-proof closures (tamper-evident labeling) and bear safety features that identify it as being original. 

Tamper evidence and prevention is subject to DIN EN 16679: 2015-03 and may include e.g. perforations, sealing labels or adhesives which damage the surface of packages upon opening.

We develop custom solutions after in-depth customer consultation. 

Pharma Serialization
Tamper-evident labels

Tamper-evident labels

Tamper-proof labels

Prior opening marked clearly and irreversibly / Authenticity protection / Void effect

Tamper-evident labels are used to indicate prior opening of packaging and therefore to protect product integrity. Generally, it is advisable to combine different security features. By using special adhesives, any attempt to tamper with the packaging (e.g. label removal) becomes visible on the surface of the folding boxes. The same effect is achieved by void labels. 

Smart labels

RFID labels

Product identification / Traceability / Optimized logistics processes / Security features

RFID technology is used whenever product security, efficient processes in pharmaceutical distribution or issues such as product identification, traceability and transparency across the supply chain take center stage. 

The Faubel Smart Label Competence Center provides custom-tailored RFID function labels based on customer requirements, including software development and system integration.

Smart label, RFID
Tamper-evident labels

Product protection

with NFC tags

Protection against prior opening / Tamper evidence / Tamper-evident closure

Faubel also uses NFC technology to provide initial protection against prior opening. As a combination of tamper-evident label and NFC tag, digital seals ensure product security. In its smart version, the tamper-evident label is able to detect whether a product has been opened or otherwise interfered with or not. The current product status is transmitted when queried with an NFC-enabled smartphone. 

Security labels

  • Single-layer labels
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Booklet labels


Product security / Authenticity protection
Faubel secure features custom functional labels with integrated overt and covert security features.

  • Authenticity protection
  • Tamper-evident technology
  • Anti-tamper protection
  • Security seals
  • Smart labels (RFID, NFC)


Special requirements for subsequent product application and storage will be considered when selecting suitable materials and design.

security labels

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