Single-layer labels  

Great variety

of colors, shapes and functions


As simple as they often may seem, single-layer adhesive labels play a crucial role: they convey key information about the product.

Primary product information / Combined with additional functions / Safety features can be integrated

Single-layer labels are primarily used to identify products and provide key information. Like all our labels, our single-layer labels are multi-functional. Combined with various options, they provide extra functions and add value.

Extras / combinable service options

  • Documentation peel-off section / vignettes
  • Codes (QR, data matrix, 2D codes)
  • Braille, embossed writing for the blind
  • Overprinting, subsequent printing  
  • Product safety / authenticity protection

Example: Labels made from synthetic paper

Special materials makes it possible to use them for applications that are in close contact with moisture, fat, or chemicals.

Wrap Around Label

Ideal for ampoules and vials

Ideal for small-sized, round containers / Resealable wrap around labels

The Wrap Around Label can be wrapped around the container a number of times. This means it offers maximum space for information, particularly on containers with a smaller diameter, such as ampoules or vials. It is also possible to integrate tamper-proof protection.


Grip Label

User-friendly handling

Single-layer label with rubberized or coarse surface

The coarse or rubberized surface of the Grip Label provides the user a particularly effective grip and ensures that small containers do not slip out of the hand. The Grip Label improves user-friendly handling, particularly if the product to be labeled is exposed to humidity or if the user is limited in terms of movement. During transport of sacks or bags, a Grip Label can provide stability between the packaging units.

The advantages

  • Can be adapted to various types of containers
  • Supports patient and user safety
  • Enables stable transport
  • The grip can be applied partially or on the entire surface
  • Colored or transparent

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