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Smart Label, E-Paper-Display, RFID Technology

Supported by a suitable IT infrastructure, RFID, which is a key technology for Industry 4.0, makes it possible to effectively track and trace medicines throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Identification / bulk reading / track & trace / inventory management/ monitoring / product safety and security

What does the pharmaceutical industry need RFID for? Basically, it's about becoming more efficient through networked processes. Beside incoming and outgoing goods inspection, seamless tracking & tracing along the supply chain is probably today's most important application. In addition, RFID transponders applied to product packaging can be used as anti-counterfeit features. RFID can also be combined with additional sensors to monitor the cold chain of temperature-sensitive products. We develop custom solutions for the respective fields of application.

Our RFID applications are holistic systems that we can fully validate according to the relevant pharmaceutical regulations.

Individual solution packages including:

  • Identification of needs
  • Concept development
  • System integration (RFID tag, label concept, software, reader infrastructure)
  • Coding and security concept for hardware and software components
  • Production of smart labels
  • Customization and coding of RFID tags

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RFID Technology

Our portfolio

RFID labels

  • Active or passive tags
  • Read only, read / write, write once and multiple read-write systems
  • NFC, HF or UHF frequency bands
  • With or without e-paper display
  • With special adhesives


E-paper display

  • Automatic text change
  • With or without battery (depending on the application)
  • Custom and application-specific manufacturing
  • Ready-to-use displays in various sizes
  • Flexible or semi-flexible
RFID reader


  • All components are fitted with RFID readers according to customer specifications
  • Mobile and stationary readers available
  • Designed for HF, UHF or NFC frequency bands


Software for specific customer requirements

  • Ensures routing of hardware and processing of RFID readings as specified by the customer
  • Manages data communication
  • Triggers workflow-specific processes
  • Provides users with ready-to-use information
  • Ensures interface and linking to IoT platforms


Automatic identification

RFID technology is becoming an increasingly important factor in process support throughout the supply chain. With its smart labels, RFID technology offers a wide variety of applications.

Key benefits are:

  • Automatic identification and inventory management of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Bulk reading
  • Seamless traceability
Booklet Etikett Wrap Around Label


Enhancing patient compliance

Patient adherence to medication is vital for effective medical treatment. In fact, there aren't many patients who truly stick to their prescriptions. Patients often take their drugs too soon or too late, miss a dose or stop taking them altogether. The most common cause is forgetfulness, which increases with age. One way to counteract forgetfulness is to use so-called compliance blisters. Equipped with RFID technology and E-paper display, the interactive packaging sends signals reminding patients when to take the next dose.

Product safety

Temperature monitoring

Medicinal products must be stored and transported in the right environmental conditions as their stability and hence their potency may be otherwise affected. E-paper displays document temperature readings and enable continuous monitoring of the pharma supply chain where demands are usually high.

  • User-friendly
  • Automated
  • Seamless
  • E-Paper display with RFID temperature sensors
Temperature Monitoring
NFC technology

NFC Technology

RFID as a communications channel

Near-field communication (NFC) has become a common application of RFID technology. NFC can be used as a communications channel between pharmaceutical companies, physicians, pharmacists and patients. Connection to mobile devices is ensured by embedded NFC tags which transfer data via radiofrequency.

There is a wide variety of possible applications:

  • Providing further information
  • Reading out patient information leaflets
  • Making tutorial videos on how to take medication safely (patient compliance)

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