RFID technology and application

What is RFID?

A short and simple explanation

Smart Labels from Faubel are smart because they contain RFID technology, amongst other things. In recent years, Faubel has been exploring the numerous possibilities offered by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) to function labels. To do so, Faubel employees such as Robert Kuge, Project Manager for new technologies, have had to familiarize themselves with RFID in the first place.

He learned that RFID used electromagnetic waves to automatically identify and remotely localize objects and living beings and that a functioning system consisted of a transponder and a reader.

A transponder is a microchip featuring an antenna or a coil, which picks up electromagnetic waves from a reading device and transmits the data. If the transponder is equipped with a battery, it can actively send data. Without its own power supply, the transponder has to rely on the electromagnetic field of a reader. Transponders can therefore be active or passive.

In this video, Robert Kuge will briefly explain how RFID technology and Industry 4.0 are linked and what NFC means.

Paperless Logistics

E-paper displays for reusable containers

Faubel-Logisitcs Labels are perfect for marking products or processes that require variable labeling. They are particularly suitable for labeling within Kanban and closed-loop processes and optimize container management.

What is RFID? - product overview