Security Labels

Labels with Tamper-evident Function

Our securits labels comply with the European Falsified Medicine Directive (FDM).

Faubel offers single-layer, multi-layer, and booklet labels with customized designs to protect brands from tampering and counterfeiting. In addition, our labels can show if the packaging has been initially opened or implement serialization requirements, which is in line with the European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD).

Key Benefits:

  • They fit any container shape,
  • enhance patient and consumer safety,
  • carry authentication features (including serialization),
  • protect products from prior opening (tamper-evident function).
  • They can be made of cold-, moisture- and alcohol-resistant materials,
  • display QR, DataMatrix, and 2D codes, as well as variable data.
  • They can be printed in Braille and
  • applied automatically without wrinkles.

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