Faubel-Logistics Label

Paperless labeling

E-paper displays for marking reusable containers

Faubel-Logistics Labels are smart labels of the latest generation. They contain RFID tags which control batteryless e-paper displays. This paperless labeling solution is particularly suitable for marking reusable containers in Kanban and closed loop processes.

DThe variable data stored on RFID tags appears on the e-paper displays. That is how standard paper labels are being replaced. Working without batteries, Faubel-Logistics Labels are durable and maintenance-free. Significantly slimmer than other e-paper displays, they can be screwed or glued onto the packaging, inserted or attached to it using magnets or Velcro.

Product data

  • Display sizes: 2.9 inch and 4.2 inch
  • Display in black and white
  • Display of 1D and 2D codes
  • Visible area: 29 mm x 66 mm
  • Reader: mobile and stationary
  • Supported standard: ISO 15693
  • Batteryless


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