Smart Labels

Labels with RFID and e-paper for traceability of medicinal products create product safety.

Smart labels are suitable for incoming and outgoing goods inspection of pharmaceutical products and can monitor the cold chain.

What are the benefits of smart labels for the pharmaceutical industry? Essentially, it's about interconnecting and documenting processes. In addition to incoming and outgoing goods inspection, ensuring seamless traceability along the supply chain using RFID technology is the most significant application. In addition, NFC tags can be used on product packaging as counterfeit-proof marks. RFID sensors help monitor the cold chain of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. At the same time, E-paper displays can show the data captured by RFID technology.

We see our smart labels as holistic systems which we validate according to the formalities applicable in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Holistic Customer Service Approach

Smart labels have countless assets and unlimited potential: because of their digital features, they are always part of an integrated concept. That is why we are committed to living up to our full-service philosophy. In other words,

  • We assess your requirements.
  • We draw up concepts and designs.
  • We create suitable smart labels.
  • We program the software.
  • We code RFID and NFC tags.
  • We can combine our Smart Labels with different readers.
  • We take your security requirements into account.
  • We integrate all components into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • We train users.
  • We provide manuals.
  • We offer support.

All these services are options our customers can choose from but do not have to.

RFID Technology:

  • Active or passive tags
  • Systems: read-only, read-write, write once and read multiple times
  • Frequencies: NFC, HF, or UHF
  • Special adhesives

E-Paper Technology:

  • Dynamic labeling
  • Permanent display
  • With or without batteries
  • Flexible or semi-flexible displays
  • Various display sizes
  • Application methods: glued, screwed, plugged, or attached using magnets or Velcro

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