On labels and booklets up to 113 pages

Overprinting involves the subsequent printing of variable data on pre-produced bulk goods.

Faubel offers an efficient service package for overprinting of variable data and codes. Faubel takes over data preparation. The UV inkjet print guarantees a correctly printed image, which is checked by two self-sufficient 100% camera checks. Defective labels are replaced within the printing process, so that the finished rolls can be processed further directly. The available capacity allows manufacturing of even high quantities for phase III studies, quickly and flexibly.

Booklet Etiketten mit Overprinting von variablen Daten und Codes (Verfalldatum, Chargennummer)

Our Service:

  • Overprinting on single-layer labels and booklets up to 113 pages
  • Great format flexibility in high quality
  • Randomized data printing
  • Code printing, 2D codes (QR) and 1D barcodes
  • Large team of dedicated clinical labeling experts
  • Validated processes and production standards
  • Printing on demand
  • Average 4 million labels produced per year

Overprinting in inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is particularly suitable for the subsequent printing of expiry dates, batch numbers, product information or codes. Non-contact printing is suitable for all kind of labels, from single-layer labels up to our 113-pages booklets.

Excellent Quality:

  • Contactless UV-inkjet printing technology
  • Outstanding surface adhesion and resistance to light
  • Highly waterproof and alcohol-resistant
  • Wear-, scratch- and smudge-proof
  • Guarantees brilliant print image at 360-dpi resolution
  • Appropriate for temperatures ranging to -140° Celsius
UV inkjet printing ensures a correct printed image, which is checked by two self-sufficient 100 percent camera controls.

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