Smart Labels

Faubel creates dynamic labels featuring RFID and e-paper technology.

We see our Smart Labels as holistic systems that prove their worth wherever automatic marking, recognition, registration, storage, monitoring, and transport are required. We develop individual solutions suitable for the respective industry and area of application.

Smart Labels - Faubel develops dynamic labels with RFID and e-paper technology

What Is RFID?

RFID can identify and locate objects automatically and without contact using electromagnetic waves. A functioning system always consists of a transponder and a reader. A transponder is a microchip with an antenna or coil that picks up the electromagnetic waves from a reader and transmits the data. The transponder can actively transmit data if equipped with a battery. Without its own power supply, it depends on a reader's electromagnetic field. Therefore, there are two types of transponders: active and passive.

Our Full-Service Offer at a Glance:

  • Our global and multilingual team provides you with friendly and competent advice before and after your products are delivered.
  • We assess your requirements, draw up concepts and create suitable smart labels.
  • We program the software and code RFID and NFC tags.
  • We can combine our Smart Labels with different readers.
  • We take your security requirements into account and integrate all components into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • We train users, provide manuals and offer support.

Customer Story

To label its orders in production, Smyczek GmbH, the specialist for printed circuit board assembly based in Verl, has been using Faubel-Logistics Labels instead of magnetic ones since mid-2020.

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New Technologies

For more vertical integration

New technologies are helping Faubel to achieve greater vertical integration and flexibility for individual products while securing a consistently high level of quality. Technologies are used in particular for producing smart labels and demonstrate how exceptional Faubel's know-how is and how the company has evolved.

Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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