OPP Labels & Carry Labels

Booklet Labels with Added Benefits

These booklet labels combine detailed product identification with substantial promotional messaging and consumer-friendly added value.

Faubel's OPP label is a booklet label with removable booklet

OPP Labels

On Product Promotion. But what makes our OPP Labels so unique? Quite simple: these labels - also available as paper booklets - contain easily detachable brochures of to up to 24 pages. These booklets offer endless possibilities for cross-selling schemes.

Faubel Area

Promote your Product Line

You will find enough space for labeling there, and you can present a complete product series at the point of sale using those labels.

Faubel Label

Promote your Brand

The story of a brand is the beginning of every product. Mini-image brochures in the shape of OPP labels will remain in consumers' memories.

Faubel freedom

Promote your Campaign

Product and campaign are rarely so closely linked. On request, we can easily integrate response elements such as sweepstakes into our OPP Labels.

Carry Labels

Labels plus Product Samples

These booklet labels contain easily detachable product samples and no extra outer packaging. Labels and promotional messages can be as long as 56 pages.

The Carry Label from Faubel is a booklet label with product sample

Get these unique booklet labels with added value now.

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