Hanger Labels

Booklet Labels for Hanging Bottles and Bags

Infusion and parenteral solutions can be securely suspended using hanger labels.

Bottles and bags can be effortlessly hung on any hook or eye by their hanging device. Thus, the Hanger Label allows quick and safe content administration.

We have already developed Hanger Labels for 25 ml to 1,000 ml containers. Their load resistance has been tested several times, and they have always complied with ISO 15137 requirements.

Infusion and parenteral solutions can be hung stably thanks to the Hanger Label from Faubel

Key Benefits:

  • Suspension bands are integrated with booklet labels and
  • made of tear-resistant material.
  • Hanger Labels enhance patient and consumer safety,
  • comply with ISO 15137 test requirements and
  • can be applied automatically without wrinkles.

Optional Extras:

  • Documentation stickers / vignettes
  • Deep freeze materials
  • QR, DataMatrix, 2D codes
  • Braille coding (using screen printing)
  • Authenticity protection / tamper-evident function

Customer Requests

We are happy to adapt our Hanger Labels to the specific requirements of your products or applications. Besides labels, we produce folding cartons to deliver complete packaging solutions.

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Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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