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Sponsoring - Faubel is also involved in professional sports

Faubel trainees and the Huskies mascot with the Faubel duck cheer on their teams

Our trainees are excited about the MT-Melsungen game and our Faubel duck cheers on the Huskies together with the Huskies mascot.

The Faubel Group presents itself as a regional sponsor. This not only attracts attention, but also gives employees the chance to cheer live in the stadium through season ticket seats and even get up close to the professionals through employee campaigns.

Whether it is soccer, table tennis, or track and field, our staff are passionate about various sports in their free time. There are indeed many different clubs in Melsungen and the sur-rounding area. Until now, the Faubel Group has mainly supported small clubs with donations in cash or in kind. Since the summer of 2021, the Group’s commitment has also included professional sports.

Martin Kuge is responsible for Human Resources and Finance in the management. To him, sponsoring professional sports teams is not just about advertising: “Of course, in MT Melsungen, the Kassel Huskies, and the Willingen Ski Club, we found regional partners whose appeal extends far beyond our local area. It is great to be able to display our logo at the Handball Bundesliga, the Ice Hockey League 2, or during the Ski Jumping World Cup because it attracts attention. But I’m just as pleased to see our staff cheer along at the games from our season ticket seats.”


Our trainees used their Faubel season tickets to attend the MT Melsungen first league match against TSV Hannover-Burgdorf. The defeat of the Melsungen team could not dampen their upbeat mood. Our trainees cheered every goal in Kassel’s Rothenbach Hall, where the handball team plays its home games. For all other spectators, our group was easily recognizable in their Faubel hoodies featuring our #ausbildungbeifaubel (#trainingatfaubel) logo to draw people’s attention to the launch of our Instagram account.

Ice Skating Training

Simply cheering along at sports wasn’t enough for one or two Faubel staff members, so they sharpened their blades to cut a fine figure at the ice skating training provided by former professional players from the Kassel Huskies team. This unique training measure was less about personal finess than about having fun. Take advantage of the best moments on one of our Facebook videos.

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