Wrap Around Labels

Maximum Content Space for Vials, Pens and Syringes

These booklet labels provide maximum content space on small round containers.

Vials, pens, and syringes often have tiny diameters. In their Wrap-Around Label version, booklet labels wrap around round containers several times, thus providing pages of content space for extensive information. It is, therefore, easy to implement labeling guidelines of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Our Wrap-Around Labels are easy to reseal. It is possible to secure automatic wrinkle-free application on conventional packaging lines.

This wrap around label from Faubel is a booklet label and thus creates the largest possible area on small containers with a small radius

Key Benefits:

  • They can be adapted to any container shape and
  • are easy to open and reseal.
  • They meet regulatory requirements and
  • enhance patient and consumer safety.
  • They can be printed with codes and variable data and
  • applied automatically without wrinkles.

Optional Extras:

  • Documentation stickers / vignettes
  • Deep freeze materials
  • QR, DataMatrix, 2D codes
  • Braille coding (using screen printing)
  • Authenticity protection / tamper-evident function

Customer Requests

We are happy to customize our Wrap-Around Labels to meet your request. We can also provide complete packaging solutions, including labels and folding cartons.

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Together, we will find the optimal labeling for your product.

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